Midday slaying

Clifford’s off to a great start with ice conditions improving the walleye can be caught farther off shore.

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First ice strategy’s

Always walk to your fishing spot checking thickness along the way. My gauge is @ 2in will hold me @ 200 lbs.  Then still use caution around cracks and dark spots.

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First ice frenzy

Ice conditions are sketchy fish 20 ft from. open water. If the temps stay cold we will be fishing more spots.

Muzzle loader washout

Weather isn’t helping.If you don’t mind getting your gear wet you’ve been hunting in zone 2.Myself and my stainless inline knight can handle it.Im seeing does,  but that buck hasn’t  made his fatal mistake  yet. If you have a kill or story.Send  me a pic. Ill post it for you. Send to [email protected].

Winter sports around the corner.

With temps low at night.And signs of snow on the ground the lakes are sure to freeze.Ice fishing will begin. Can’t wait. I won’t. See my friend’s from GR till they come fishing.